The first step is putting the artwork together. For custom orders we will send you a pdf proof to approve where needed. Once everything is ready, we will transfer your design to our optical eye cutter. 

This is probably the fastest part of the process! Our cutter will cut your design within a matter of minutes. Multiple coloured graphics are cut seperately, and pieced together by hand. 

Next, we will weed the graphics, getting rid of any waste vinyl, leaving just your design in place. We will trim the edges and add a clear application tape to the top for easy applying. This means that you can apply your boat names and text in one go, instead of having to apply each letter individually. If your graphics are for a plastic surface, or if you have requested the addition of our Clear Protective Layer, we will add this instead of the application tape.

That’s about all there is to it. We will trim the edges to make a neat finish, and pack them up ready for posting. We’ll advise on delivery time once we have an idea of what your order details are.

We can offer fitting ourselves boats and cars, depending on location within the Argyll area.


Carefully unpack your graphics. Make sure you hold on to the enclosed application instructions and applicator, you’ll need these later. First, we recommend that you check your graphics for size before applying. Simply hold them against the surface you wish to apply them to and check the fit. If there are any problems with the graphics or if you are not happy with them, now is the time to get in touch. 

Once you are happy that your graphics are as ordered, it’s time to get applying. Follow the instructions included, or download them as a PDF below.

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