Glow in the Dark Reflective Tape


This is a photoluminescent and retroreflective tape, which means that not only does it have great reflective properties but it also glows in the dark. And of course, just like our other reflective tape, it’s completely waterproof. It’s also the only product of it’s kind that reflects or glows 100% of it’s surface area. 

This amazing tape sticks to almost any surface. From kayaks to paddles and helmets, mooring buoys, life rings and loads more. It is a little thicker than our other reflective tapes, so it doesn’t bend as well – for shafts of paddles it’s not so good.



Reflective tape is a great way to make yourself seen, but glow in the dark could be even better. Not only are you seen when someone shines a light at you, but with it’s rechargable properties, you will glow in the dark as soon as daylight starts to fade. 

So, that’s reflective by day and glow in the dark by night!

We can supply this in any length, just let us know by email what you would like if the option isn’t below. 


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