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If your graphics are starting to look worn or faded, we can re-create them to fit the originals. Vinyl does fade over a long period of time, especially when subject to a lot of UV/sunlight. One of the many advantages of vinyl is that it is removeable at any time, so you can replace worn and tired graphics for new ones. 

Vinyl is usually best removed with a bit of heat. This will help melt the adhesive and the graphics should peel off. This will be harder the longer they have been in place and we would recommend taking time to do this slowly, as damage can be caused to the surface underneath. Once removed bear in mind that there may well be some fading. If necessary we will do our best to reproduce the graphics to cover the same area limiting the amount of fading on show. 

All we need to start work is the best image you can get of the graphics still in place and dimensions. We can then redraw them and match the colours as best as possible to the original ones you remember. Fitting can be arranged by us depending on location, or we can post out to you for fitting yourself. 



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