• How do I apply my graphics? 

Our graphics are really easy to apply. Each order placed with us will include full application instructions and an applicator, including a step by step guide and some useful tips. Check out this page for more information. 

  • How do I store my graphics?

If you aren’t ready to apply your new graphics straight away when they arrive, we suggest storing them at room temperature in a dry area. Keep out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. 

  • How long will they last?

The vinyl we use is a marine grade vinyl with a very minimum exterior/marine life of 4 years. Of course, this will depend on the amount of use your boat/paddle gets. Think about the areas that wear most on the surface you wish to apply them, these particular spots may not be the best place for your graphics as they will be exposed to more abuse than usual. It’s also worth considering where your boat/vehicle will be kept, direct sunlight will start to fade your graphics, over a period of time. We can offer a clear protection layer for graphics subject to high usage, if you have any further questions about this just get in touch.

  • Can you reproduce my drawing?

Yes, that’s the awesome bit. We can re-produce your drawings wether they are on paper or computer. Just send us an image (pdf or jpeg) and we will bring them to life. Wether you have the finished design or not, we will work with you. 

  • Can you reproduce my current graphics?

If your graphics have been in place for a while they can start to fade or even crack. We can reproduce new ones to match the sizes and colours of the originals. Simply send us the best images you can, along with the graphics’ sizes and we will re-create them for you.

  • Do they stick to plastic?

Yes, our graphics stick to most surface. With our Clear Protection Layer they stick perfectly to plastic kayaks and other rough surfaces. Please make sure you add our Clear Protection Layer to your order when ordering online, or mention it to us with custom orders, otherwise your graphics won’t stick as well to plastic and other rough surfaces. 

  • Do they stick to curved surfaces?

The vinyl we use is super thin and really forgiving. It can be stretched over most curved surfaces, and creases will usually press out. If you are worried about this, get in touch and we can advise further. 

  • Will they fade over time?

If your boat is kept outside, or spends a lot of time in direct sun light we would expect to see some slight colour fading a long period of time. You should keep this in mind when you think about removing/replacing them also. We can easily reproduce the same graphics and fading in most cases should polish out with the correct polishing products/equipment. 

  • Can I remove them at a later date?

Of course. Thats what makes them even better. If you ever get bored of your graphics, or you want to repair and replace them simply apply heat to the surface of the graphics eg. with a heat gun/hairdryer. This melts the adhesive and your graphics will peel off, you can then clean the surface with alcohol to remove any residue. Be careful not to rush the process, as this could result in damage to the surface underneath. Graphics that have been in place for a while will need more heat to remove them. Most well known boat polishes should remove any colour fading that may have occurred while your graphics were in place. 

  • Do I need to leave them to set?

As we are working with vinyl there is no real drying time. The adhesive will start to set straight away. However, to allow best adhesion we would recommend leaving it for a further few hours after application before use. 

  • Can you fit them for me?

We can offer a fitting service in the Oban area, otherwise graphics can be posted UK wide complete with an applicator and fitting instructions. 

  • Will they stick to a newly painted surface/wall?

Graphics intended to be applied to a newly painted surface should be applied 1-2 weeks after the paint has dried to limit the chances of the paint sticking to the application tape when applied/removed. 





We post all UK orders via Royal Mail First Class , so delivery is expected within 1-3 working days from the time of dispatch. Online orders are usually dispatched within 5 working days of order details and payment being received, subject to vinyl colours being in stock. Please check our website for the most up to date turnaround times. Custom orders may take a little longer but we will let you know the details. 

All delivery options are available through the website at checkout.


As all our graphics are custom and made to order we aren’t able to offer a returns service as such. However if you aren’t happy with your order we will do our best to satisfy your needs, just get in touch.

We always suggest that you check the space you want to apply your graphics to for size before ordering. If for some reason you aren’t happy with your graphics when they arrive please get in touch, we will do our best to help you.




  • All our designs are drawn by us and we hold copyright for these images. If you send us image/designs/fonts to use then you must seek/have permission to use them. By sending us images you agree to indemnify Art & Sea against any action brought against it for the infringement of copyright or any other claims or proceedings.
  • Art & Sea take no responsibility for infringement of any other party’s rights for any image supplied to and not created by Art & Sea.
  • Art & Sea holds the copyright for the products SEA.tag and Sea Slates. These should not be reproduced without our permission.


  • For custom orders payment is due on receipt of an invoice being issued, prior to graphics being produced. In some cases we will accept a deposit on receipt of invoice, and the remaining balance due on completion of the order.
  • Payment for online orders must be completed before graphics are dispatched.


  • Cancellations can be made by the customer up until an invoice has been issued to the customer. Once an invoice has been issued, the buyer is responsible for payment.
  • Website orders can be cancelled by the customer up until payment has been made. As everything is cut to order, orders can not be cancelled once payment has been received by Art & Sea.


  • All orders come complete with an applicator an instructions. Whilst we put lots of effort in to ensuring we are providing you with the best tips and steps to apply your graphics successfully, we can’t take responsibility for graphics applied out with our supervision.
  • We can not accept responsibility for the size or colour of graphics ordered through our website or for custom orders. We trust that the customer measures the surface sufficiently prior to ordering and recognises that inaccuracies in online colour charts may occur. If you are unsure wether the colour chosen will match, please request a sample prior to ordering. 
  • As all vinyl lettering and custom graphics are custom produced, we can’t offer refunds for these unless the goods are faulty or the mistake is ours.
  • In case of damaged goods, we accept returns of graphics that are faulty. These must be returned to us or a photograph emailed to us before a refund can be issued. 


  • We use a high quality marine grade vinyl with a minimum expected surface life under outdoor exposure of 4 years for standard colours. We can’t guarantee it’s life expectancy or adherence/durability to any surface. We can’t be held responsible for any defects/changes to the vinyl.
  • We won’t be held responsible for any damage caused to the surface the graphics are to be applied to, before, during or after they have been applied, when applied remotely by anyone but ourselves.
  • If at any point graphics are removed, fading may appear to the surface below. This should be considered when purchasing/applying graphics and will be more prominent on surfaces subject to high UV intensity. This is at the customers risk and not that of Art & Sea. If applied to paint, this can sometimes be damaged when graphics are removed. 
  • We are not responsible for any health and safety concerns once the customer has received their order. Any harm incurred from the items/applying them is not the responsibility of Art & Sea.
  • Colours on our website are just for guidance. Colours will vary with computer monitors and as will the real product. We can supply samples on request. Please note that vinyl colours may vary from the manufacturer.
  • Vinyl applied should be applied to newly painted surfaces after 1-2 weeks of the paint drying. 


  • Website orders are usually dispatched within 5 working from payment and order details being received. Up to date turnaround times can be found on the store notice at the bottom of our homepage.
  •  Custom orders can vary depending on the design work needed. Generally around 5-7 days. All timescales are subject to stock availability and may be delayed due to suppliers.


  • Your personal and payment details are treated as confidential.   We will not disclose this information to any other company or organisation.

We reserve the right to amend this website without notice. Your statutory rights are not affected.

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