SOLAS Reflective Tape


Adding reflective tape to kayaks is a great way to make yourself more visible. Wether you take part in night paddles, or areas of high sea traffic. Being visible is important, and reflective tape is a quick and simple way to do so. 

This is a SOLAS approved self adhesive retro reflective tape, designed for life at sea. It is a marine grade, hard wearing and super thin reflective tape – ideal for adding to your kayak, paddle blades, helmet or any equipment. 


It comes with an exterior life of up to 10 years – it’s perfect for the job.

We’d suggest applying this to either side of your paddle blades and round the shafts. Helmets are a great place too as the extra height will make it easy to spot.

This is a really easy and cost effective way to make yourself seen at sea.


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